Armageddon Better!

My arm feels pretty good now.  I saw the doctor yesterday, and he drained it, cleaned it up and re-dressed it and had me make another appointment in a week, but said I could cancel it if keeps getting better.  I sure wish I had known I could have gotten better this quickly before I went through the whole 2-day hospital stay with all the IV’s.

Anyway, there was an inch of snow on the ground this morning, but it melted by late afternoon.  And it’s supposed to be in the 50’s tomorrow, so we’re going to have a heat wave!  Kevin and I ran a few errands today and tried to stop at Menards because I needed a few things.  I circled the parking lot twice and couldn’t find a single open spot, so we gave up and went home.  Sheesh, how do they manage to get everyone to shop on the same day every year?  Aren’t there many people out there like me, who hate the long lines enough to try to avoid any kind on shopping on Thanksgiving weekend?  Are the sales just that good??  And who are these people that actually GET any of the items on sale??  I gave it one chance–Yesterday I tried to pick up one big-ticket Christmas gift at Target.  I got there early in the morning, actually found a parking spot, and wedged my way through the crowds to the proper department.  When I finally got some help I was told that they sold out of the item just after opening the store.  I should have known.  I went home and that was it for me.