Dad’s Fall

My dad had another fall yesterday. Well, either a fall or a collapse, we’re not real sure at this point. I was on a computer job when I got a call on my cell phone from my brother. He said my dad was just taken to the hospital by ambulance. He had fallen to the floor while walking toward the front door. My brother heard the loud thump and ran downstairs and found him. He was initially unresponsive, so Clayton called 911. At some point he was a little bit conscious, apparently, but my brother said he was talking incoherently, and he couldn’t understand anything he was saying.

I called the hospital to get hold of Sandy, and I headed to the hospital shortly after that. When I got there he was still in the E.R., sedated, but woke up a few times while in the emergency room. The nurse asked him who I was and he didn’t know the first couple times. As the medication wore off and he came around more, he evenually recognized Sandy and I as who we were, which was a great relief.

They did a CT scan and at this point they say he may have had some “mini strokes” in the past and that this could have ongoing for some time, based on the look of the scan. This explains a lot, since Sandy and I have been concerned lately about his forgetfulness and some loss of memory we’ve noticed in him, as well as more and more weakness. He just doesn’t have much energy at all lately, and if he’s not forced to get up, get dressed and out of bed, he’ll just lay there all day without getting up at all.

They also tried to do a lumbar puncture on him, but were unable to get the needle in, so they gave up. The doctor said it was “like a rock” and they couldn’t get the needle in, so they gave up. They wanted to see if he might have menengitis, but they ended up just giving him the antibiotics for it just in case he had it anyway. He has been admitted, and he’ll be spending a few days in the hospital at the least. He has been getting steadily weaker and weaker over the past several weeks, and very unsteady on his feet. He wasn’t supposed to be walking in the house without someone helping him, so we don’t know why he was walking around without help.

Sandy had recently been calling visiting nurses and trying to get an aide to come in for a few hours a day a few days a week in the mornings to get him washed up, dressed, and fed and maybe even a little exercise. We found a good aide with a lot of experience the other day, and we had her scheduled to start next Monday. Unfortunately that’ll probably have to wait now. At this point we’re not even sure what’s going to happen after the hospital stay. It’s just wait and see at this point.