By | Monday, April 17, 2006 at 7:08 pm

Easter was a little different this year.  More depressing than previous ones though.  First of all, my dad is now in a nursing home.  He is very negative on nursing homes, so we had to assure him that if he can get better with the rehab, and get to walking on his own again without the risk of falling, then he can go home.  The doctor isn’t so sure, but who knows, miracles can happen.  He went into the home straight from the hospital on Saturday.  Sunday night I got a call from the nursing home–he tried to go to the bathroom on his own again already, bare feet, and fell again.  An aide was supposedly helping him walk back from the bathroom when he fell though, and he landed on his butt, so there was no injury.  Now he’s wired with an alarm.  Any attempt to get up o his own, and everyone instantly knows about it with a shriek.

Sandy had already bought everything for a big Easter dinner at my dad’s, so she still cooked over at his house and Kevin, Matt, Sandy and I had a wonderful Easter Feast there.  Afterward she brought a nice Easter dinner plate to my dad at the nursing home.

Sandy and Kevin decorated eggs Easter Eve, and I took a few pictures.  The kids got their Easter baskets Easter morning, and we took a few photos and a little video.  Kevin got the Narnia movie in his basket, and he’s already watched it at least 3 times, as expected.

Kevin’s off school for spring break and enjoying himself.  Matt’s out of town for a couple days doing some testing and getting a complete physical for his military recruitment.  He’s going in the Army.  He’s be doing his Basic Training this summer, and he gets work experience credit toward his high school diploma if all goes well.  We’re rooting for him, whether he believes it or not.  If this is what he wants to do, more power to him.  Defending your country is not to be taken lightly.