Bird be gone

Is there such a thing?  Is there a bird repellent?  I sure needed some recently.  I had to improvise, but I got the job done I think.  If your not familiar with the problem I’ve had in the recent past with these birds, please click here and catch up before reading the rest of this post.

Today these birds are not quite as smart as they were back then.  Or are they…?   They poop on the driveway now.  But maybe out of anger and not out of stupidity.  You see, I think I made them a little mad recently.  A couple months ago, as Spring approached, we started noticing this weird gooey stringy stuff lying in our driveway once in a while.  It was usually wet and gooey because of the wet weather we’ve had, so we really couldn’t identify it.  But once things dried up and more of it appeared, we figured out what it was.  It was insulation, pulled out from under our roof, on the side of the house that the driveway is on.  It’s conveniently right where the cable and/or electrical lines go from the telephone pole to our house–a handy little “walkway” that the birds tend to use to get into our gutter.

It seems that the birds are either pulling out our insulation and using it to build their nests, or they’re actually digging an opening in the side of our house under our roofing and making their home right there.  In either case, they’re constantly going in and out of that same spot next to our new gutters, pooping on our cars and in our driveway, and really being a nuisance.  Now, I love birds, but only to a point.  They’re nice to observe, and maybe even nice as pets in cages.  But right now I’m seeing them more as flying rats, bent on the destruction of our home.

Well, last week when I took the lawn mower out for the first time of the season, I found several bee and wasp nests in our shed.  They were active, with bees and wasps currently residing in them.  This made getting anything out of the shed pretty hazardous, so Sandy picked up a couple cans of long-distance wasp killer.  You can spray up to a 20-foot stream of this stuff and nail the nest, killing the wasps and bees quickly to avoid getting stung.  It worked well, and by the end of one can of it I had two small bee hives and two wasp nests (the bee hives that that neat honeycomb pattern and the wasp nests looked kind of like packed mud with 1/4″ circular holes in it) bagged and sealed.

So with the second can, I decided that the stuff just might work ok as a bird repellent as well.  The can didn’t mention it, but it was worth a shot.  We don’t have a ladder long enough to get me up there to the gutter to see what’s actually going on, but the nice straight stream of this stuff could surely nail and cover the area quite well.  So I moved the cars out of the driveway and went for it.  Birds flew in a hurry, and a couple even stayed near, one in particular even stayed as close as on the wires right above our driveway.  In fact, this particlar bird had a worm in his mouth and was squawking repeatedly as if actually yelling or screaming at me, as he watched me squirt the area with the bug spray.  Maybe he was about to feed babies somewhere.  I felt a little bad that maybe those babies were up there, maybe dying from the poison I was drenching them with.  But that was only a momentary thought and I quickly realized that I’M the one paying the mortgage, not them, and they have no right living here.

Over the last several days since that spraying we haven’t had a single bird poop on our cars in our driveway.  This is a relief, so I think it was a good thing to do.  Want pictures?  I didn’t take any myself, but you can click on the thumbnail for closer look of the way I pictured it.

Mothers Day 2006

Sandy had a very nice Mother’s Day today.  Kevin picked out everything for her.  We went shopping on Saturday while she was at work.  Kevin knew ahead of time exactly what he wanted to get her, which was flowers and a bracelet.  So first we went to the florist.  Knowing her favorite color is purple, Kevin picked out several nice purple flowers (including purple roses) and a purple vase.  The florist added thier usual nice touch, and then he picked out a balloon to go with it.
Next we went on a quest to find a bracelet.  We knew mama liked gold, so Kevin found a few nice gold bracelets and we eventually narrowed it down to one and bought it for her.  Next we spent some time picking out a nice Mother’s Day card.  We went through a ton of them, and Kevin finally settled on a Spongebob Mother’s Day card that he really got a kick out of.

When we got home he signed the card and added dozens of X’s and O’s to the inside for mom, and we wrapped her card and gift and left them with the flowers on the dining room table.  When mom got home Saturday evening she could see the flowers, but he made her wait until Sunday morning to open her card and gift.  She enjoyed everything a great deal, and Kevin topped things off by taking us out for a Mother’s Day Brunch at The Parkway Chateau.  They had a great brunch buffet, complete with everything you can imagine for breakfast and lunch, including eggs, bacon, jumbalaya (with shrimp and brats), steak, twice baked potatoes, and much much more.  Click on the thumbnail images if you’d like to see Sandy’s flowers or gift up close.  I added the quarter to add scale to the bracelet to show it’s actual size.

The Falcon, The Website and the PC Tech

I’ve been a bit busy lately. Finally. I recently got called back to my job after a five-month layoff. It was an indefinite layoff, so I really wasn’t sure if I would be called back at all. I have been applying for other jobs for the past five months, looking for something in my field that paid a decent wage, but there just isn’t much out there these days. So when the opportunity came up to resume my old position, I jumped at the chance and I’m now happily back to work again, doing what I love to do–working with computers.

Even though it appears as though the website hasn’t been updated recently, it really has. I’ve still been working hard to restore the old postings that couldn’t be automatically be imported when I movved the site from MovableType to Mambo/Joomla. There are many more postings to go, all in the date range of 4/11/2004 to 8/7/2004. I know this is all old news, but I love maintaining the site, and once this gap is filled it will provide a very nice resource for anyone interested on our family’s history or just my silly ramblings about things, even if it is just for a relateively brief time in “Internet Years”. I’m guessing this whole Internet thing will eventually evolve into something much more, something I’m sure this site will no longer be compatible with. But until then it’ll be around, sitting out here in cyberspace as complete as I can keep it, for all to see.  Oh yeah, the spammers also recently found my comments section and loaded it up with their crap, so I’ve also had to switch commenting to “members only”.  I previously had it open to allow anyone to comment just to try to increase user response, but that has proven to be a bad idea.  In today’s Internet nothing can be left too open and free, or it is destined to be attacked and exploited.

Sandy has been keeping an eye on the Peregrene Falcons at the hospital recently. They have cameras setup to watch these rare birds as they try to repolulate themselves off of the endangered species list. Today she watched on an in-hospital camera as two of the four eggs hatched and two baby falcons were born. There are two more unhatched eggs in the nest, so I’m sure she’ll know when those have hatched as well. I’ll keep you posted.