The Falcon, The Website and the PC Tech

By | Thursday, May 11, 2006 at 7:07 pm

I’ve been a bit busy lately. Finally. I recently got called back to my job after a five-month layoff. It was an indefinite layoff, so I really wasn’t sure if I would be called back at all. I have been applying for other jobs for the past five months, looking for something in my field that paid a decent wage, but there just isn’t much out there these days. So when the opportunity came up to resume my old position, I jumped at the chance and I’m now happily back to work again, doing what I love to do–working with computers.

Even though it appears as though the website hasn’t been updated recently, it really has. I’ve still been working hard to restore the old postings that couldn’t be automatically be imported when I movved the site from MovableType to Mambo/Joomla. There are many more postings to go, all in the date range of 4/11/2004 to 8/7/2004. I know this is all old news, but I love maintaining the site, and once this gap is filled it will provide a very nice resource for anyone interested on our family’s history or just my silly ramblings about things, even if it is just for a relateively brief time in “Internet Years”. I’m guessing this whole Internet thing will eventually evolve into something much more, something I’m sure this site will no longer be compatible with. But until then it’ll be around, sitting out here in cyberspace as complete as I can keep it, for all to see.  Oh yeah, the spammers also recently found my comments section and loaded it up with their crap, so I’ve also had to switch commenting to “members only”.  I previously had it open to allow anyone to comment just to try to increase user response, but that has proven to be a bad idea.  In today’s Internet nothing can be left too open and free, or it is destined to be attacked and exploited.

Sandy has been keeping an eye on the Peregrene Falcons at the hospital recently. They have cameras setup to watch these rare birds as they try to repolulate themselves off of the endangered species list. Today she watched on an in-hospital camera as two of the four eggs hatched and two baby falcons were born. There are two more unhatched eggs in the nest, so I’m sure she’ll know when those have hatched as well. I’ll keep you posted.