Father’s Day 2006

This Father’s Day was a little messed up for me.  I worked Saturday night, and got probably less than an hour or two of sleep before our cookout.  So I was a little drained, to say the least.  It was a great get-together though, despite the bad weather.  We spent the day at Rosemary’s, swam, cooked out, and played some Left, Right, Center for nickels.  It rained a lot of the time, so we moved the picnic table into the garage and ate there.  Later on the weather cleared up and we were able to finish the party outside where everyone wanted to be.

I missed a good chunk of the party myself though. Bear and I swam for a while before we ate, and that, combined with my lack of sleep, really knocked me out.  I went in the house and rested on Rosemary’s couch for awhile and I passed out.  When I woke up, Sandy had already taken my dad back to the nursing home and they were having some great desserts–including a great ice cream cake from Dairy Queen.  Sandy said my dad had a great time though, so that’s good.

I expected Kevin to join us in the pool, but he chickened out this time.  I think he remembered how cold the water was the last time we went swimming at Rosemary’s, and it wasn’t much warmer today.  So he was happy just to stay out, retrieve our balls when we threw them too far, and yell at us when we got him wet.

Everyone had a great time, the food was great, and we all went home stuffed, so it was a huge success.  Click here for a few photo highlights.