The world is open, come on in

Jim’s Photo World LogoProgress on the new photo section/site is going well.  I still have most photos from 2001-2006 to upload though, and I’m trying to do it pretty much chronologically, so I’m currently working on 2001’s photographs.  The part taking the longest by far is the naming of each photo.  I’ve learned a good lesson here–whenever I’m going to keep a photo from now on, I will name it appropriately after downloading it from the camera.  Hundreds of my photos were still named with the camera’s filename, and leaving them this way would make finding anything in a search almost impossible.

It’ll be great when it’s all finished though.  In fact, I think it’s pretty great right now, even with just 1,700 photos online.  So I’m officially announcing the location of the site so everyone can check it out.  Please feel free to comment on what you like and don’t like and what works or doesn’t work.  I’d appreciate the input.  This website is actually completely separate from–in fact, it’s hosted by a completely different company.  When it’s finished though, it will be very integrated into, almost seamlessly (if you don’t look at the address bar).  Here it is:
Jim’s Photo World

There are also the familiar “Most recent album”, “Most recent photo”, etc., thumbnails located at the bottom right corner of’s main web page, in case you haven’t noticed them.  These were inserted while I was testing the integration of the two sites, and they’ll all be bumped up the page and will replace the current ones in the right sidebar once the new site is up-to-date.  So go take a look.  I hope you enjoy it as much as I do.