Snow Sculpting 2007

The judging for the 2007 Snow Sculpting Nationals were held at Riviera Park in Lake Geneva today.  Kevin and I went out there to take a look.  With the below-zero temperatures and much worse wind chill, we didn’t stay long!  We practically ran from exhibit to exhibit, snapping a few quick photos, then moving on to the next one.  After about 15 minutes my hands and face were numb and we had had enough.

So here are all of the photos, most of them I named appropriately, remembering to also snap a shot of the credit signs.  One of the sculptures remains unnamed because I missed the sign, so if anyone out there could help identify it, I’d appreciate it.

I’ll mark which ones were the winners after I get the results from tomorrow’s paper or off of their website.  Click on the thumbnail to view all of the photos.