Snow Sculpting 2008

The photos are now online from our visit to the 2008 National Snow Sculpting Competition in Lake Geneva.  We were there today and it seemed much more crowded than previous years… probably because the weather was decent instead of the below-zero blizzard conditions I remember from last year.  We had to park a few blocks away, but even that was ok–Kevin and I got a chance to walk and talk together and enjoy the brisk outdoors a bit.

My favorite one–and it’s gotta be in the top 3 if not the top prize winner–was “Sharks Lair.”  Great detail all around and very well done.  We even got photos of the team that did that one, posing with their finished sculpture.  On the downside, one I thought was in pretty bad taste was called “Till the fat lady swings.”  It was just that–a fat lady swinging on a swing.  I didn’t care for it much, although, I must admit, much of the detailed surroundings in the sculpture were nicely rendered.

Click on the thumbnail image to view the photos.  I’ll update the captions with the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners as soon as the results are released.