Christmas 2008

We had a wonderful Christmas this year. It was full of family get-togethers, gifting, and TONS OF SNOW. We could have done without so much of the snow though, my back is killing me! All in all though, it was pretty nice to see everyone again and have them all over for another amazing grilled-ham Christmas dinner. All of the photo highlights are posted, of course, so you can click on the thumbnail to take a look. Kevin got some great games for the Wii and PS3, so he’s (we’re) bust playing all of those every chance we get. Sandy’s loving her new GPS–the first one she’s ever had– and I’m amazed at how simple they really are to use. I was expecting them to require some sort of elaborate antenna hookup in the car, or at least a monthly subscription to access the satellite system, but no, it’s really that simple. A one-time purchase and that’s it. The antenna is built-in and works quite well, receiving contant updates every second or two, telling her how fast she’s going, exactly when to turn, and even displaying the little car icon of her choosing and selecting the voice of her choosing! It was very amusing to hear “Elfred” the Christmas Elf give her directions. His mid-trip commentary is quite entertaining.

Update: 12/30/08 – I just finished posting all of our Christmas and New Years photos for 2008! There’s nearly 200 photos in all, so there’s plenty to sift through! Take a look. Highlights include: Christmas Eve at Beth & Tom’s, Christmas Day at Home, and Our Lil New Year’s Eve Celebration at Home with Tyler, Jayson’s son, who spent about a week with us over the holiday break. The photos are sorted chronologically, so they start a few weeks before Christmas when we put up and decorated our tree, and end with our New Year’s Eve celebration and Ty and Kev opening their presents from Jay & Shell. Enjoy!

Author: Jim