“Bear” Photo Collection

By | Saturday, September 19, 2009 at 8:34 pm

During all of the chaos around here this week, I completely forgot that the registration for my photo site, jimsphotoworld.com, was about to expire. I didn’t plan on continuing it, so that’s no big deal, but I did intend to have things up and running on flickr, which I was in the process of moving all of my photos to. Flickr is only half the price of SmugMug, which is one advantage, but it’s also much more popular, so I’m also seeing more visits and comments from strangers after only a week of starting to upload than I ever did in an entire year on SmugMug. Don’t get me wrong, SmugMug is a fine photo host, especially for professionals, and it has excellent features. But right now I need something more affordable, and flickr seems to fill the bill. Flickr is also owned by AT&T/Yahoo, and it’s integrated into U-Verse, which we just switched to. This means we can view all of our photos instantly on any of our TVs, which is great! I’m far from finishing the switch though, since other more important things have come up this week, so it’s still a work in progress right now. I did, however, manage to put together a great collection of Bear’s photos. Take a look.