Photos, photos and more photos

By | Saturday, September 26, 2009 at 6:40 pm

I’ve been very busy this week trying to get my photo site up and running on flickr. I’m up to over 8,000 photos so far, just a few thousand left to go. So far I’m really enjoying it–much moreso than I did on SmugMug, even though there are fewer options available on flickr for layout and customization. I’m finding that the popularity of the photo service itself seems to be quite important when choosing a photo host. Even with only a small amount of my photos uploaded last week I started getting a lot of views, people marking photos as favorites, leaving comments, and even invitations to add some of my photos to specific groups! Plus, “geotagging” photos is actually fun and much easier on flickr than it was on SmugMug, so I already have thousands of photos geotagged as well! So that’s where I’ll be–uploading photos on flickr–probably over the entire weekend and beyond. I’m even finding and adding many MORE photos and collections than I ever had online before, so be warned! Hopefully they’re arranged much better than before as well, so you probably won’t be so overwhelmed at first, but if you keep digging, you’ll see there is plenty–and I mean PLENTY there to see. So stop by and take a look… and try out the slideshow mode too–it’s the smoothest web-based slideshow mode I’ve ever seen! Jim’s Photo World