Halloween Season Begins

By | Friday, October 16, 2009 at 6:57 pm

The Halloween festivities have begun. Last weekend we shopped for Kevin’s costume. We found a great store too–a giant pumpkin in the Regency Mall parking lot. Tons of great Halloween decorations, costumes, and goodies! It was a blast. We stayed for quite awhile just to check everything out. Kevin was set on a Halo 3 Master Chief costume that we had ordered from Amazon earlier in the month, which said “IN STOCK” when we ordered, but our order was cancelled a couple days later saying that they were out of stock. But at the giant pumpkin store we found the exact same costume–and it was the exact same size as the one we ordered–Adult Extra Small. Good thing we DIDN’T get it mail order though–the giant pumpkin store has a “no refunds” policy, but they let you try on the costumes first. So Kevin tried on the Master Chief costume… The crotch plate alone rested on the floor! It sure was HUGE for being an “extra small”. That was the only size they had, so we gave up on it. He soon found his second choice though–the same costume he wanted to wear last year, if we had been unable to get a decent soldier costume in his size–Freddy Krueger. We have everything we need except the hat at the moment, and everything fits him nicely. Looks pretty scary. As a preview, click on the Freddy thumbnail and take a look at a collection of the best and worst Freddies we found on Flickr. It’s an interesting gallery I put together. You can’t add your own photos to a gallery you create on Flickr though–since “galleries” are for showcasing your favorite photos from other people–so you won’t find Kevin in that collection, but he’ll be added to the “Kevin’s Costumes” and “Halloween 2009” sets soon though. We also visited Jerry Smith’s Pumpkin Farm last weekend. We picked out a trio of pumpkins to carve this year, and maybe I’ll even try to assemble a new pumpkin totem this year. We’ll see what happens.