Troha’s Yard…Scary as HELL! … Literally!

On Wayne’s advice, we stopped by the Troha house tonight with Kevin and took a gander. As I said in the shoutbox earliier, “Holy Crap!” It’s at 1709 32nd Avenue, and if you’re into the whole Halloween thing, this is really a treasure! I just didn’t want to leave. There’s just so much to see, such vivid detail, gore, blood & guts… Kevin was pretty nervouse about the whole thing, and never got too close to anything, afraid of what might happen. There was a guy in a cage, strapped into an electric chair with his head slumped down–obviously his sentence had already been carried out–and I’m sorry I missed it. I have a feeling this particular display has more life to it at other times. I’m going to stop by on Halloween during trick-or-treat hours just to see it all again, and hopefully see a bit more activity this time. I would so love to volunteer to be a zombie for an evening at this place! There are a lot of ways to really scare people with a setup this elaborate… I could blend in great with a good costume and makeup and “play dead” until just the right times. I fancy myself a pretty good “Boomer” from Left 4 Dead, if you’re familiar with that awesome game. Wayne took some great pictures the other day, check them out. I also took a bunch more, along with some great closeups, so take a look at those too, you’ll see what I mean.

Author: Jim