Pumpkin Totem 2009

By | Wednesday, October 28, 2009 at 8:21 pm

We carved our Halloween pumpkins this weekend–between my installs of Windows 7. We did one for each of us–small, medium and large–but we’re still fighting over who’s is who’s. Sandy had to work, so Kevin and I worked together to do the gutting and carving. I carved the main details, then Kevin took over and cleaned up the finer details. When they were done we stacked them in a totem and added the mini pumpkin on top that Kevin got at the Vista Fall Fest (after we drew a face on it). Since the mini pumpkin wasn’t carved, Kevin held a flashlight to it as I snapped the photos in the dark. Check out the photos! (Please excuse the highly overexposed one… I was just playing). Make sure you compare them to our 2003 and our 2004 totems… Which one do you think is the best?