Thanksgiving 2009

Sandy had a pleasant Thanksgiving this year. Kevin and I not so much. We had a tradition of having Thanksgiving at Bear’s house every year, with him and Rick doing up a wonderful turkey and fixings. Sandy always made the pies, and we all chipped in with a side dish of some sort. Well, with Bear’s passing recently, things have changed of course. Diane, Bear’s fiancee, invited us to join her family this year, so we had planned on that. Unfortunately, Kevin got sick on Thanksgiving day with the flu, so I stayed home with him and Sandy had Thanksgiving with Diane and her family (and Rick, George, Mike and Ginger, who always attended Bear’s Thanksgiving). Sandy said it was very nice, and brought back some great food, so I had planned on having a late thanksgiving dinner the following night. Go figure–I must have picked up Kevin’s flu bug and I was sick all through Friday and Saturday! It was horrible. The terms “explosive” and “projectile” would work well in the description of events, but I won’t bother to gross you out any further. I’m much better this morning though, and Wii Fit says I lost over 10 pounds in the past week! Wow, what a diet plan. The flu sure is cleansing! I plan on having a nice Turkey dinner tonight…finally. Then it’s back to work tomorrow. So much for a long four-day weekend. Click to the thumbnail image to view Sandy’s photos.

Rocks and Minerals Exhibit

We went to the Rocks and Minerals Exhibit at the Kenosha Public Museum yesterday. Kevin loves rocks and minerals, so he was very interested. We took a few photos, so you can click on the thumbnail image to view them if you’d like. Kevin also recently did his first church service as an Acolyte! Sandy took a photo of him right here. Last night we also took George (Sandy’s dad) out to dinner at Red Lobster–Sandy & myself, Kevin, Mike & Ginger, Rick, and Diane took him. We didn’t take any photos, but we all enjoyed some great food and a nice night out.

Trick or Treating

We went trick-or-treating today and Kevin had a blast. First we had to stop back at the haunted yard we visited earlier in the month, just to see it during the day, and to see if the death row prisoner actually gets electrocuted. We weren’t disappointed. The display was working great, and the prisoner got zapped and shook violently for several seconds every few minutes. It was quite startling, even during the day. And as usual, Kevin kept his distance from everything, afraid of what might happen. A zombie was there at the front door handing out candy bars wrapped in dollar bills! It took some coaxing, but Kevin finally agreed to go up and get one. I even talked him into going up a second time”‚ÄĚthis time for a photo with him and the zombie. That’s the first photo in the set (and the one in this article). Click on it to go view the rest of the photos from throughout today’s trick-or-treating. It was pretty funny knowing Kevin was so frightened and paranoid around all the scary creatures and decorations at the haunted yard, while at the same time wearing a pretty scary costume himself. He really frightened a few children pretty good during trick-or-treating, and he wasn’t even trying to!