The Achmed Files

Jay and I recently went on a cross-country road trip from Arizona to Wisconsin. We took Achmed The Dead Terrorist with us on our trip and he forced us to take a photo of him at each milestone stop we made. Here are the photos–which he also forced me to post immediately. We took hundreds of other non-Achmed photos and had a great time, but I’ll be sifting through all of those for a few more days before posting the best ones on the site. For now though, check out Achmed in each of the states we travelled though.

In Alien Territory

Greetings from Roswell, New Mexico! Jay and I are here searching for alien phenomenon during our cross-country road trip from Phoenix to Kenosha. Achmed the Dead Terrorist is tagging along with us, and he insists on us taking his photo at every stop we make, so we’ll be sure to post those soon. He doesn’t like to share the covers either, so it’s going to be a cold night for one of us in the motel room tonight! Whenever we try to take the covers back, he screams “I KEEL YOU!”. With any luck we should be back in Kenosha some time time Monday, December 28th. We’re going to stop in St. Louis on the way home too and get some pictures of the Arch. It’s a blast! Be back soon with the photos!