Classic Photo Album #7 Completed

By | Tuesday, August 24, 2010 at 6:13 pm

I am re-publishing this posting with an updated link.  It was originally posted on 7/25/09 and I can’t believe it’s been that long since I scanned an old photo album!  I have tons of them left to do.  I need to get busy.  The last “Classic Album” (#7) and every other old photo posting on my website was posted with links to my old “Jims Photo World” website, so none of the links work any more.  So this posting is one the the few that I’m re-posting, but pointing it to the photo album’s new location on Flickr. It includes 54 photos. This one included many tiny, square (less than wallet-size) photos, as I’m sure you’ll see by the quality, but there’s a lot of good old memories here.  Highlights include many family members when they were very young, including me (Jimmmy), Beth, Loretta, Clifford and Clayton, and Karen.  There are also photos from my mom’s activities with the Mothers of Twins Club and Clifford and Clayton’s Cub Scout Troop.  There were also many photos of our pets in the back of this album, but unfortunately they were removed.  I think some of them might have been used for the big photoboards we created for my dad’s funeral though, I’ll have to check.  So there ya go.  As usual, click on the thumbnail to view the photos.