Power Outage

Sandy called me at work this afternoon around 2:15pm when our power went out.  I called We Energies and they confirmed that there was an outage in the area.  Power was still off when I got home at 4:00pm, but came back on about 4:15pm.  Luckily it wasn’t off long enough to spoil all of our food in the fridge and freezer.  Here’s the report from We Energies:

Strong winds and rain earlier today caused extensive damage to electric facilities in Racine, Kenosha and Burlington.  Preliminary and approximate outage numbers are: 10,000 customers in the Burlington area, 10,000 customers in the Kenosha area and 5,000 in Racine as a result of this latest storm.  Additionally, approximately 2,000 customers are out of service in Fort Atkinson and 200-300 customers in northern Milwaukee County, the result of storms that passed through the area last night. The public should exercise extreme caution around downed lines; often these lines are still carrying electricity.

Customers without service should be prepared to be without power throughout tonight.  Wisconsin Electric estimates that the majority of customers will be brought back into service sometime tomorrow.  Wisconsin Electric has taken almost 10,000 calls today from customers reporting power outages as a result of storms last night and today.  The company has received more than 500 reports of wires down and dozens of reports of broken poles and other damaged equipment. The phone lines to report outages and down wire are extremely busy. Wisconsin Electric asks customers to be patient.  The phone number is 800-662-4797.  Crews are still working to restore power to some customers who lost electricity as a result of last night’s storm.  Most customers had their power back on earlier today, but isolated outages remain.

Jay’s Weekend Visit

Jay is in town this weekend, up from Arizona for the weekend!  We had a pretty busy day today, starting with Ty’s football game this morning (which got rained out after 3 quarters just before they were going to put Ty in!) so Jay didn’t get to actually see him play.  No one told Ty that his dad was coming this weekend (on purpose), so it would be a surprise.  I did get one photo of Ty running…back from the porta-potty!  We grabbed lunch from Hungry Head, then Jay fixed a little plumbing problem we had at the house (saving us a bundle we would have had to pay a plumber).  After that we went out to Wells Brothers in Racine for their awesome, world famous, paper-thin-crusted pizza.  We’re all stuffed!  Click here for the photo highlights.  And here’s a quick video taken after the game was rained out:

[chromeless id=dX8tIbNHv2s]

Waukegan Air Show (FAIL)

Here’s the photos from the Waukegan Air Show from last Saturday.  It was pretty much rained out.  I got soaked and Kevin stayed under his Bears umbrella most of the time.  There were even a few classic cars there for some reason–and a jet-powered school bus.  The free flights for kids were cancelled, so we got bored quickly, and left after a couple hours of waiting around with nothing happening.

Fish Fry 2010

Beth & Tom held their annual Fish Fry yesterday.  Kevin, Matt, Sandy and I attended.  The food was awesome!  I took a few photos, so click on the thumbnail to take a look.  For yesterday’s walk I was going to have Sandy drop me off about a 1/2 mile from their house, then I figured “what the heck, I’ll just walk all the way there”, so I left about an hour before everyone else left the house and met them there.  It took me just over an hour and it was my longest walk yet, at just over 2 miles.  It was fun though–I listened to the Slacker Radio Comedy Channel the whole way there, so I was laughing most of the time.

Where were you on that fateful day?

9/10/10 – It’s the anniversary again.  Below is the entire cumulative contents of all of my previous postings on 9/11, including the old comments posted by users.  Please give it a read and feel free to post your own comments and experiences.  We’d love to hear from you.  I have temporarily enabled public commenting for this, so you don’t even have to sign up for an account to post a comment.

Where were you on that fateful day

Originally wrtten by Jim Trottier – Thursday, 09 September 2004

When huge historic events happen that seem to effect everyone in the world in some way or another we seem to remember everything about that day in our lives much more vividly than most other days. So let’s discuss where we were and what we were doing on that fateful morning of September 11th, 2001. Here’s MY recollection: I was working at Cirqon Technologies in Gurnee, Illinois. I was a PC Tech there, and had recently moved to that department full-time after 6 months of working half-days in the chem lab and half-days in the IT department. I was at my workstation in IT, next to my boss, Mark Stricklin. Mark and I got along great as co-workers, and he was an awesome boss. He was also a Man of The Cloth, and is very respected in his community. He does a lot of charity work, and enjoys helping everyone he can, so this event seemed to hit him extra hard. Anyway, we were working at our respective workstations when a co-worker came over from another cubicle and said a plane had just ran into the World Trade Center! To us we began to assume some sort of accident where small aircraft struck the building. We wondered, but weren’t overly concerned. A while later the same co-worker returns–more excited now–and says ANOTHER plane hit the OTHER tower now! Ok, now we began to get concerned. It was certainly no accident now. Next we learned that ANOTHER plane had struck the Petagon. I got the chills. The events ran through my head over and over as if to force me to memorize them forever, as I sure will. Shortly thereafter we also learned that yet another plane was still flying and possibly hijacked. Jeff, Cirqon’s V.P., sent our Plating Surpervisor out to buy a small television so we could watch what was happening. He returned with one, and set it up in the conference room. We didn’t have an antenna except the small one included with the TV, so the reception was pretty bad. We managed to rig up a better antenna though, using some wire and the window frame in the conference room. Still fuzzy, but at least you could see a halfway decent picture. We watched the rest of the day as they re-ran the two planes hitting the towers over and over again, the Petagon burning, and the eventual Pennsylvania field crash of the fourth aircraft. I dug out the boombox that I had stowed away in IT (I put it away after boomboxes were banned from every department a few weeks earlier) and tuned it to an all-news channel so we could keep up on events when we weren’t able to watch the TV in the conference room (when we needed to get some actual work done). I remember quite a bit of debate that day on the radio with structural analysts who insisted that the towers could absorb that type of impact, and since they still fell there must have been some other “inside” event as well which contributed to their collapse. As it turned out, that was totally false, and the towers were actually designed to absorb the impact of much smaller planes containing much less fuel–they were, after all, designed at the turn of the century when planes the size of today’s weren’t even imagined. Overall it was an incredibly moving and horrifying day. My boss was deeply saddened, and consoled a few of his friends on the phone during his free time that day, and for several days after. Let’s hear what your experience was. Here are all of the responses that users have submitted from the two other times that I posted this article:

Jayson and I were actually sleeping. He was off work because he had just had his appendix removed. His mom called and said we were under attack—so we ran to the TV and thats basically where we sat for the rest of the day. It just seemed so unreal–I remember looking at the TV and thinking —this has to be a bad joke–it really cannot be happening. I was also calling my family and friends–knowing they were ok, but just needing to talk with them because so many did not get a chance to talk to theirs after that day.


2004/09/09 19:51 I was in downtown Chicago about a block away from the Sears Tower at a client. At that time details were still sketchy and they thought another plane was on it’s way to Chicago. All buildings were being evacuated. I had no choice but to head back to the train station and get as far away as possible. Unfortunately that’s what the entire loop was doing. The station was wall to wall people. Metra handled everything perfectly. Under the circumstances, schedules were history. They just started loading trains up and running them out as they filled up. They never even charged anyone. I always meant to send Metra a letter commending them and their conductors for going above and beyond on such a frightening day, but never did.

When I got back into town, I just went home and spent the morning watching the coverage with my wife.

It will be forever etched in my memory.


2004/09/09 20:01 I was also at work(DaimlerChrysler). When a co-worker of mine came to me and told me about the first plane hitting the building, and that it was a passenger plane. Right away I knew that this was big news, having been to New York and I’ve seen how massive those 2 buildings were. So right away I went to my locker and got my boombox. We all kept working (on the assembly line) and listened to the radio as the horrible events of history were revealed. Some of my co-workers that were near me also started paying attention to the radio. It was a day that I will never forget. It is right up there with the day that Kennedy was shot in Dallas Texas. Even today I still remember where I was and what I was doing on that fatefull day.


2004/09/12 10:13 I had just come downstairs and turned on the TV. There was this horrible site of a plane hitting the first tower. I called my sister in Waukegan immediately, and she told me about the pentagon crash. Then while talking to her the second plane hit the second tower. It was devastating. This was the first attack in the United States.

I was 7 years old and walking home from a movie at the Vogue Theater, with my mother and sister when the paperboys were yelling “Extra”, “Extra – Japs bomb Pearl Harbor”. My mother was shocked and I in turn was also upset, but being only 7years old, I didn’t even know what a Pearl Harbor was what’s more where Pearl Harbor was ….

This attack brought back that 7 year old fear, and was a real eye opener about how vulnerable we all are. I continued to watch TV and of course they kept replaying the horrific crashes and live voice recordings from the victims in the air. The shock and grief were unavoidable. The tears and prayers were also unavoidable.

What brave people aboard those planes, and especially the victims whose actions diverted the fourth plane from the White House, as they all knew they were victims of terrorism and going to die.

Pearl Harbor, The assassinations of Martin Luther King, President Kennedy, and Senator Bob Kennedy, the attack on the Twin Towers, Pentagon and White House, the attack on the children in the Russian School, will always be unforgettable hurts in our hearts and souls.

We must always remember the victims in this tragedy and all victims of terrorism, and do everything in our power to avoid a reoccurance. Do not be afraid or embarrased to be vigilant and observant of anything out of the ordinary. Be alert and report anything that looks suspicious to the authorities. We must do everything in our power to not be victims of any wrongdoing. Support our brave servicemen and servicewomen and law enforcement personnel. Help eliminate wrong doings.


2007/09/13 11:31 Well where to start… I got married on the 9th of September and was in Vegas on my honeymoon. I was of course in bed late and woke around 11 am, we began to walk the town and went to New York New York. As we were walking through i notice there werent very many people. Then we walked by a TV and i saw the events and since i was in New York New York i assumed it to be a movie plug, so we kept on walking and i ran into a man who was watching a small tv with others crowded around him and they were all in tears so i asked them what was going on when they all looked at me and at the same time they said we had been attacked. Well we hurried back to our room to check the news to confirm what had happened. Before you know it the streets of Vegas were empty as well as the casinos. Of course there were no flights going in and out so we could not leave to come back home until flights resumed because everyone had jumped on buses and rented cars by that time so we had to stay a few extra days, the flight home was one of the worst and scariest flights ive ever been on, as we landed everyone stood and cheered, happy just to be home safe.


Classic Photo Album #8 uploaded

I scanned another of my dad’s old photo albums this weekend. This one includes a few more “mystery” people, so if anyone out there can give me a clue about who the people might be in those photos, I’d really appreciate the help.  Most of these had no writing on the backs and nothing written in the album itself, so all descriptions were written from memory–and these sure do bring back a lot of old memories! Click on the thumbnail to view the photos in Old Photo Album #8.

Happy Labor Day…without the Labor!

I just realized, looking back on our summer this morning, that I haven’t posted any swimming photos this summer, except the tiny one of Ty diving in on opening day. So I went back and dug up the only few I took this summer–from July 4th.  There’s seven of them, so I uploaded them to the “Swimming at Rosemary’s” set.  They’re the first seven photos there.  Now it’s off to George’s for our Labor Day cookout! L8r!

Southern Wisconsin 82nd Airborne Division Association Car Show 2010 – The Photos

Yes, we’ve had our fill of car shows this weekend!  We went to the Southern Wisconsin 82nd Airborne Division Association Car Show today on Simmons Island.  There were many of the same vehicles there that we saw yesterday, so whenever we recognized one of them, I skipped the photo op and moved on.  So I took far fewer pictures today, but don’t get the wrong impression.  It was a nice show with a lot of great cars in it, though it was a bit smaller than yesterday’s show overall.  The military vehicles and equipment was all new and we enjoyed the scary hat rods with all the eye candy on and in them.  Kevin even got a chance to sit in an army Jeep and feed some farm animals (Socks wanted to rip them a new one though, so we had to hold him back quite a distance–He got the zebra pretty nervous as we approached.)  As usual, click on the thumbnail to view the photos.