Netflix goes disc-free on PS3 and Wii! Woohoo!

This is quite a relief!  We no longer need a disc to watch Netflix on our PS3 and Wii!  I guess their exclusivity agreement with Microsoft has now ended.  We love watching Netflix on the PS3 more than the X-Box–even when we had to use the disc–because we have an older X-Box and it gets quite loud trying to keep itself cool combined with the generally louder drive.  We still have an older “fat” PS3, but it’s second generation, and pretty quiet in comparison.  It also keeps itself much cooler.

The new Netflix Instant on PS3 also brings to totally new interface we’re trying to get used to.  It looks much better so far though, so I think we’re going to enjoy it a lot more.   As for the Wii, who knows?  We don’t use it for Netflix because of the much lower resolution, but we did get the Netflix disc for it in case we wanted to use it.  I guess if the interfaces ALL improved a great deal, I should give it a shot sometime and see.

Now if I could only get Netflix to stream on my Android…