My Photos Live

By | Saturday, November 6, 2010 at 9:05 am

Time for an app review.  This week I found “My Photos Live” by “Sandroids” for the Android.  This is a great app for displaying your photos, whether they are on your Android phone, on Flickr, on Facebook, or even spread out on all three of these sources!  I had been looking for something like this for awhile and I tried several apps that do this in different ways, but I think this one has done it right.  It offers many transitions to choose from (used when changing photos in the slideshow) as well as a “random” setting to choose a random transition every time it changes, but the feature I love the most is its ability to make this slideshow your Live Wallpaper!  I set the change slide time to very long (which, on this app, is one or two minutes) and make it my Live Wallpaper, so whether the phone is locked, or I’m on one of my screens, the wallpaper changes to any one of my thousands of photos on Flickr every minute or two.  You can even choose a specific photoset from your Flickr collections if you like, or simply select all of them, as I did.  Another nice feature is “Slideshow Mode”.  This simply sets the app to automatically start the slideshow whenever you plug in your phone.  Nice, since your phone usually isn’t doing anything anyway when it’s plugged in for charging (besides playing your music, as I do with mine), so it’s nice to have an instant mini “photo frame” going while it sits on your desk.  This app is available for free, without any restrictions I believe, but a 99-cent “donate” version is also available to support the developer, Sandroids, which is what I did after trying out the free version for awhile.  I highly recommend the pay version of ANY app that you find useful, especially when they’re as good as this one and they’re only asking for a very small amount, like 99 cents.