By | Sunday, November 14, 2010 at 9:07 am

This weekend I discovered MOG.  MOG is a streaming music service similar to Slacker and Pandora, with a few big differences: With MOG you can search for and find specific songs and albums and even download them to your device! I have been waiting since March, when I heard Slacker was going to come out with this type of “On Demand” music feature, but they never did.  I hear it’ll be coming out “any day now” for Slacker, but I’m still waiting.  Apparently MOG has been around for several years, I guess I just never heard of it.  Ironically, I found it while reading the Slacker forums today, to find out when Slacker will be releasing their version of the service.  I couldn’t find a date, but several users mentioned that they were using MOG now, and hoped to switch to Slacker when Slacker On-Demand comes out.  It’s a relief to know it’s been out a long time too–it makes me a little less nervous about paying for a service I haven’t used much yet

So for now, MOG is it I guess. It’s $9.99 a month, so it isn’t cheap, but having instant access to virtually everything out there is exciting for me, and probably cheaper than what I normally spend on regular music throughout the year.  They have millions of songs, albums, and radio stations, and it’s great when an artist or song just pops up in my head and now there’s a place to go to instantly find and play that song or album.

They have apps for iPhone, iPod and Android, so I’m using the iPod and Android apps on my two devices and Kevin has the iPod app on his iPod now too.  The ability to download albums and songs is great too–especially when I’m somewhere (like in the basement of a hospital) with no cellular connection.  Though I have been a huge Slacker user for awhile, it looks like MOG is going to be my new main player for now, at least until Slacker finally releases their version if this service.  At that point I’ll have to compare feature sets and decide which to keep and which to cancel.

For the next two weeks, however, I’m in a free trial of MOG though, so it’s even sweeter knowing I’m not paying for it yet.  I’ll be giving it a thorough workout too, making sure it’ll do everything I need it to before I start shelling out any money for it.