Snow Sculpting Championships 2011

Snow Sculpting 2011We went to the Snow Sculpting Championships today, as we do every year.  This time Sandy went with us for the first time–and it was Kevin’s birthday.  This year’s contest seemed to be a little lacking in content though.  Probably because we heard that a few of the teams didn’t make it to the competition because of the blizzard.  Their planes didn’t make it in time.  There were still some really good ones though.  Unfortunately, most of them weren’t named and described very well, as they were most other years we’ve attended.  So I have named them by their team states and block numbers.  Once the official winners are published and the names of the actual sculptures are given on the official site, I’ll update this posting to let you know exactly who won 1st, 2nd and 3rd place.  For now, see if you can pick the winners.  Click here or on the thumbnail to view all of the photos.

Update: Winners Announced:  I have renamed and re-sorted the photo set, so the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are first in the set.  Here are the winners:

1st Place: Wisconsin – “Mercury Racing Pegasus”

2nd Place: Wisconsin – “Davy Jones’ Locker”

3rd Place: Alaska – “Dance of Axcagon”