Update on dad

By | Friday, March 11, 2011 at 10:17 pm

George WegmannMy dad, George Wegmann, went to the hospital on Tuesday morning, March 8th, 2011, after Rick found him on the floor in the bathroom.  He had fallen, which wasn’t the first time he had fallen in the past couple weeks.  His legs have been very weak lately, so we called his doctor and had him taken to the hospital.  Initially his white blood cell count was found to be very low, he was disoriented to the point where he could remember the names of family members, he was anemic, and his electrolytes were way off.  After several tests they also found he was having kidney failure.  A lot of this is due to the return of his prostate cancer, which had been in remission for 20 years, and his age.  He’s 90 years young.

He has been given three blood transfusions since being admitted to the hospital, and they say he isn’t a candidate for dialysis due to his age.  He will most likely have to go to a nursing home for rehabilitation after he gets out of the hospital for about 3 months and then we’ll have to decide at that point what to do next, based on his status at that point.

He has had three doctors working together on his care this week, and they initially decided that he needed a procedure to insert a stent in each of his kidneys to allow them to function properly.  They said that if he didn’t have this procedure done, he would most likely only have a month or two left.

Today we got some better news, however.  Dr. Novsam consulted with two other doctors and said that his catheter bag is doing the job of keeping the kidneys flowing, so he won’t need to have the stents installed at this time.  His blood levels are also returning to normal now, which is great.

This evening Dr. Bendealy came up to the hospital and said the PSA level for his protate is 126.  Normal is about 6.  He said this is why his kidneys aren’t functioning properly, so unfortunately the catheter will be a permanent thing to keep things flowing.  And with the prostate cancer and my dad’s age, further treatment wouldn’t provide any benefit, so they’re going to provide comfort measures only.

Dr. Chua, his regular doctor, also came to see him tonight and said Social Services will be contacting me on Monday to arrange for nursing home placement.  She is also ordering a colonoscopy to see why he is still anemic.  So we’ll see what happens with that.

My dad’s memory still isn’t back to normal, but he’s better.  He’s certainly looking much better than he did when he was admitted on Tuesday.  I took a photo of him today, take a look.