More updates

Anybody here use Google Chrome?  I didn’t think so.  Turns out, users got a blank page when viewing my other theme in Chrome.  Nice.  I think that’s actually worse than being able to see the site and the latest post being a few months old!  So I’ve switched themes again.  Something simple this time, so it’s quicker to load.  And less stuff in the sidebar, again, so it’s quicker.  Got any complaints?  If so, I’ll reconsider.  For now though, I’ll keep it as-is.  It’s pretty much a one-sided “place for our stuff” thing anyway.  Comments, forums, and shoutboxes always end up getting spammed and being more trouble than they’re worth.   You can still add comments, I’ll get them directly, and I really appreciate your input.  They just won’t appear right up-front for everyone to see all the time.  I’ll change the big banner graphic occasionally too.  Something to match my mood, the season, the holiday… whatever.  I just enjoy playing around with it.

I’m primarily using Chrome now, after seeing what it is now capable of, and seeing what some of its addons can do, especially the “Checker Plus for Google Calendar”, which adds a ton of great features I like that integrate my calendar into the browser very nicely.  My calendar is now with me at all times, on my Android in my pocket, on my desktop at work, and at home, all synced together as one.

Update on George: He’s out of the hospital now, and at a nursing home for rehab.  Once he’s strong enough, hopefully he’ll be able to move back home with in-home care nurses and aides.

Author: Jim