New Amazon Appstore for Android

The new Amazon Appstore opened up this week for Android users, and it’s great!  They’re giving away a paid app of their choice every day too.  This means that if you visit the Appstore once a day you can “purchase” their free app of the day and it’s yours just as if you purchased it for its full price!  Download it any time, uninstall it, or reinstall it whenever you like.  This sure is an awesome way to get everyone to use their new service.  I’ll certainly be stopping by once a day, no doubt.

Much like the Android Market, the Appstore shows you categories of apps, you can search for specific ones, or browse through their sections.  It also has a nice “save for later” option that remembers a list of apps for you so you can come back later and look at them some more.  The Android Market doesn’t have anything like this.  Google should consider something similar though, it’s a great feature.

Installing the Appstore itself was a bit tricky though.  It’s not an app you can just download in the Market.  I guess maybe because it’s a direct competitor to Market itself..?  It’s easy to find though, if you google it or search Amazon’s website for it on your Android.  You won’t be able to download it at first though, unless you’ve changed a setting on your phone to allow downloads from unknown sources.  This is located in Menu >> Settings >> Applications >> Unknown sources.  Check this option to allow installation of non-Market applications.  Then you can download the app (apk file) from Amazon.  I’m not sure if all Androids act the same at this point, but mine simply allowed me to download the apk file.  After that nothing happened, so I loaded up a file browser (I use Astro) and opened the apk file once I found it on my SD card.  It then prompted me for the install.  After that, everything was back to normal though, with a new app called Amazon Appstore on my phone, read for me to consume a new free app every single day!  Just remember though, Androids have limited memory.  You can install most apps to SD, which saves a ton of space, but they still eat a little main memory for each application (or game) installed, and they will eventually fill up your phone.  This is why it’s so nice to still have the free app available to re-download and reinstall, even after you uninstall it.  I constantly juggle apps I want to just try out, or just play once in awhile.  Since it’s a cell phone, a network connection is always there anyway, so it’s very convenient to do anywhere.