Miscellaneous Weekend

Breaking in the new fire pitWe finally got a new fire pit after our old one fell apart last year.  Dennis had given it to us, and we gave it many good feedings until the fencing around it just crumbled and fell apart.  We love to cook hot dogs and marshmallows (burnt & crunchy is best for both) and just sit around the fire and keep warm.  It also allows us to quickly get rid of all of our excess cardboard boxes.  Kevin and I assembled it this morning and we were very proud to see how he handled the work.  He didn’t complain or whine about it, did what he was told to do, and I think he enjoyed the whole experience.  I know he especially enjoyed the “breaking in”, when he got to tear up the cardboard box and packing for the fire pit itself, put it inside, and watch it go up in flames.

Kevin’s had more free time to do other things lately, now that the Playstation Network is down and he can’t play with his friends in Little Big Planet.   He was pretty disappointed the first week, but now that we’re entering the third week of it, he’s been moving on to other things.  So I guess it’s not a completely bad thing, at least for us.  I can’t help but think there are millions of other people out there experiencing something similar with PSN down, so I have some concerns that this is going to impact Sony and the PS3 in a huge way moving forward.  It was our favorite gaming platform before, but I’m not so sure any more.  Kevin’s still playing other games on it now–mostly Portal 2–but we’re just not as into it with such a huge part of it disabled.  No updates for anything, no communicating with anyone in any game, Kevin tries on dad's glassesand the worst part is no video chatting.  We especially enjoy the latter when Tyler comes over for a weekend… He has virtual visits with the AZ half of his family every time he comes, and we all enjoy that.  I heard yesterday that hackers actually attacked PSN twice in the past two weeks, and they were planning a third attack this weekend, so who knows when it’ll be back up again.  Kevin dutifully checks it once or twice a day and keeps me posted.

Kevin also tried on my glasses this morning and had to pose for pictures.  Take a look.

Author: Jim