The makings of a future ‘geek memoir’, perhaps?

While searching through my oldest documents I recently stumbled upon an old text database containing hundreds of postings from my website.  For me, this is exciting.  It’s a chunk of my past that I thought was lost forever.  Tiny glimpses of day-to-day things, just ramblings mostly, akin to short Facebook or Twitter posts (which weren’t even possible back then).  I have been carefully going through them (there are a lot of spam postings in there as well) and grabbing everything significant, and re-posting it on my site here.  They start in January, 2001, over 10 years ago!  This is when I first put up my website as–right near the end of 2000 and into 2001.  I’m pretty sure I was still in dialup back then!  This was very shortly after BBS’s went away and I was no longer a “sysop” of my own BBS–if anyone out here remembers those days.

There are some elements still missing–including nearly all links & photos, but I’m still adding a lot more over this weekend.  All of the photos were in various places on the web back then, and not on Flickr as they are now, so the links are missing, but the references are still there.  Some images were actually embedded in the site themselves though, and amazingly, I was able to recover some of those, but others, I’m afraid, may really be gone forever.

If you’re interested in reading these flashbacks, the easiest way to jump back there is to drop down the “Archive” list in the right sidebar on this site, then pick a month and year.

Author: Jim