Awesome article on the Amazon Lady Gaga 99-cent album deal

Here’s an awesome article on the recent Amazon daily deal on Lady Gaga’s new album.  It sold for 99 cents as their daily deal, but they had some server issues due to the high demand, so they did it for another day.  Amazon paid Lady Gaga her full royalty for each album sale, so they took a hit of over $3,000,000, but that was expected, since they gained a lot of new customers.  Read the comments, they’re great!

Still restoring old posts

Just an FYI – I am still restoring many old posts.  I’m up to 2004 now, and this morning I just restored this post from Prairie Family Days 2004, and realized that the entire photo set was missing from my Flickr account!  It apparently was lost in the many moves between the various photo services I’ve used in the past.  This has happened before, but in this case, once I did locate the missing album I realized it contains many of my favorite memories of 2004, including a few of my favorite photographs!  So I’ve restored it completely, and it’s right here.

Southport Park

Kevin, Socks and I walked around Southport Park tonight and I took a few photos. You’ll find those in this set.   That set also includes some photos from our recent walk through Petrifying Springs park.   I also found some tile art on the side of the water treatment plant tonight that I hadn’t seen before, so I took some photos of those too and added them to my Kenosha Art set.  We followed a new path that went behind the treatment plant and into an area of woods along the lake. It was pretty neat. Even ran across what looked like a beaver! It ran away and hid quickly, so we only got a glimpse of it, but it was bigger than Socks! This is my favorite shot from tonight. Love the view.