Kenosha wind storm 2011

By | Saturday, July 2, 2011 at 12:07 pm

Kevin looks at downed treeFor those not aware of it yet, we had a huge wind storm blow through Kenosha Thursday evening.  It did a lot of heavy damage to the area.  We have taken some photos, so I create a collection of them on my Flickr page.  As for us, I think we fared pretty well compared to the damage many others (including our neighbors) suffered.  We lost power at the start of the storm, around 8pm Thursday, but it was back on Friday afternoon.  Kevin certainly learned a good lesson about many of the luxuries of having electricity, since he didn’t have any video games or movies (after his iPod battery died), and we had no lights or computers to use.

After all of our home repairs that Jay and I did a couple weeks ago, the porch was spared.  The security lights Jay installed for us, however, are now shattered, so I’ll have to replace them, and the brand new door closer I installed on the back door was ripped right off the back screen door.  The closer survived intact, but a chunk of the back door was ripped out and still attached to the closer and the wall!  That was it though, no other damage to our house, luckily.

This morning Kevin, Socks and I walked down by Eichelman and Wolfenbuttel parks and the new marina and took a few more photos.  When we got to the tot park I realized that the new marina slips had shifted way north, and into the duck pond!  Most of the boats are still docked in them, so I bet there was quite a mess at first, with overturned and sunken boats during and after the storm.

Today more of the roads are open again and more traffic lights are working, so we’re getting back to normal.  I still see a lot of tree services hard at work and We Energies trucks driving around though, so they still have a ways to go.