Wow, Déjà vu – Waukegan Windstorm 2011!

As I parked my car in the hospital lot early this morning, the sky suddenly got darker and darker, the winds picked up a lot, and a tree branch flew through the lot and hit my back window.  It was all too familiar–and way too soon to be happening again.  I locked the car and started walking into the hospital when the sideways rain started, and along with it the tornado sirens started up, just as I entered the building.  I thought “here we go again!”

Sure enough, there was a lot of damage, this time centered around the Waukegan area.  A lot of downed trees again, all of the traffic lights out, and our hospital was (and still is) without power all day today.  It was an interesting day for the IT Department, to say the least.  No damage at home though.  There were tree limbs all over the place on the ride home up Sheridan road this afternoon, and all of the traffic lights were out all the way from Waukegan through Winthrop Harbor.  Magically, once I crossed the Illinois/Wisconsin border, things looked normal again and our traffic lights worked fine.

Mother Nature has a real attitude this season, and she’s moving SOUTH…in a hurry!