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By | Tuesday, October 4, 2011 at 1:42 pm

I was preparing a post ranting about all the shortcomings with the new iPhone 4S just released this week, then Steve Jobs died.  I’ll hold off awhile.  Everyone is busy posting their condolences and remembrances, so it’d probably be pretty bad of me to rant right now.  Sure…I post next to nothing on my site for months, and NOW I decide to write something??

Anyway, I’m back.  Never left, really.  I’ve just been very busy with work (full time), work (side jobs) and family responsibilities.  Like leaving in a hurry so fast (yesterday) that I left my keys on the kitchen counter as I walked out and closed the back door.  A split second after it clicked shut it hit me.  I was in the backyard with a locked house and locked car in the driveway, late for picking up Kevin.  Luckily (on two levels) I hadn’t forgotten my phone!  I was able to call Sandy so she was able to pick up Kevin, and I was able to enjoy my current audiobook while I waited in the backyard for someone to come and let me in.

Captain Hindsight reminded me later that I should have grabbed my Xoom before walking out the door–then I could have watched a MOVIE while I waited.  (No, Captain Hindsight didn’t bother to remind me that I should have grabbed my KEYS either–he’s not THAT good)  It wasn’t so bad though–I got the backyard cleaned up, built a pyramid of wood in the fire pit, and was even able to find a lighter to start a fire with.  It was in the 50’s last night, so I sat by the fire and listened to my book (Stephen Kings “Bag of Bones”) as I waited.  Sandy came home about an hour and a half later, got their chuckling and razzing of me out of the way, and then opened the back door so I could get back in.

I’m going to start posting here more, I’ve decided.  Facebook’s posting size is limited, and they’re constantly changing it, adding more and more advertising, games and crap, so I’ll post all my stuff right here and maybe occasionally I’ll even post an article link on my Facebook page.  If no one reads my stuff, no problem.  I’m used to that already.  This is an outlet for my own thoughts.  A more stable page that doesn’t constantly juggle its contents and format.

Oh, and I was once again forced to disable public comment posting on this site.  You must be a registered user if you want to add comments.  The spammers just start creeping in over time and they don’t stop until they’re fully blocked.  I still have to watch my registered users list now, because eventually they’ll start creating bogus users and creeping in all over again.

More updates, rants, and daily musings coming soon…

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  1. Jim Post author

    Wow, that’s shocking. But I’m glad to find users can still post comments too! I had to set so many restrictions on the site recently, just to get rid of the spammers as much as possible, that I thought it might be crippled. I’m trying to figure out how to post something interesting on a regular basis, and I think there’s something about knowing I have an audience that motivates me a lot more. Thanks for letting me know, that helps.

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