Halloween festivities

Our pumpkin for 2011This morning Kevin and I carved our pumpkin for this Halloween.  Sandy had to work (as usual) so we did it ourselves.  We used a carving kit that Kevin won from the Boys & Girls Club, which included a metal star and bat cookie-cutter patterns.  You punch them through the pumpkin with the included mallet.  It made it very easy to carve!  We used a nice pumpkin that our neighbor Michelle gave us, which is actually shown in the middle of my website banner this season.  We used the stars in the carving kit as eyes and 3 bats as the mouth, and carved a triangle for the nose.  Looks pretty neat!  I like how the connections between the bats actually look like teeth for the mouth!

Today we’re attending BooFest @ Kenosha Museum from 1pm-3pm and this evening we’re going to visit the Peterson Pumpkin Patch, which is supposed to be one of the largest carved & lit pumpkin patches in the area.  Maybe a pumpkin farm in-between too, who knows.  Tomorrow is trick-or-treating.  Kevin, Socks and I will be going, Sandy has to work (as usual).  Click here for our all of our 2011 Halloween Photos.

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