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How’s everyone like their Xoom?  Mine’s still awesome. I can’t stop changing things though.  I love all the options and I’m constantly trying new apps, new Launchers, and new widgets.  I sure wish there were an app that would automatically switch between my home screens for me. I often use my Xoom on my desk at work as a news, weather, twitter, facebook and e-mail display, but I can never cram all of that information on a single home screen, so I have to keep swiping back and forth between 2 screens to see everything.  A little app that would automatically do this for me would be awesome, if anyone has ever seen anything like this.  Maybe I’m just too lazy.  Actually though, it’s the opposite–I’m busy doing a bunch of other things, so occasionally I’ll glance at my tablet for an quick peek whenever I can.

Right now I’m using ADW Launcher.  They’ve made it very Honeycomb-friendly these days, so I’m giving it another shot.  The last time I tried it, it would crash randomly, but the new features they added and changed for Honeycomb were really nice! This time so far it’s been running for 2 days without crashing, so we’ll see how it goes.  I love how I can tweak it to push everything edge-to-edge and even cram 10×10 rows & columns on the screen and overlap widgets if I want to.  With ADW I can cram more stuff onto the main home screen I use, but still not everything I want to be able to see at a glance on my desk.  The Mac-like icon bar at the bottom of the home screen is awesome as well as the new option icons it adds to the top of the interface.  It also offers some interesting screen transition effects that are fun to use.

Can’t wait to be able to install Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4) on it though!  And I also just might root this thing soon, if ICS doesn’t come pretty quick.  ICS includes a screenshot app, so I can avoid rooting when it finally gets here.

Keep Xoomin’!

Author: Jim

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  1. I’m loving mine!!! In fact, i recently bought a keyboard case for it and am using it more than my new laptop! I have Slingbox , Netflix and some movies on it…have you hooked it up to your tv yet? ITS AWESOME!!!! Full screen on HDMI…kinda cool!

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