Downtown Walk

Yesterday, Kevin, Socks and I walked through downtown.  Kevin found a new toy store he’s excited to re-visit.  It’s called “Inner Child Collectables and Comics”.  They have a lot of comics, toys, old video games and old magazines.  It’s a nice place the geeks on Big Bang Theory would really treasure.  The own says it’ll only be open on weekends though, probably through next year.  He has a full-time job in addition to this store, so he can’t run it full time.  I’m sure we’ll be stopping in again.  It must be a new store though–I couldn’t find it anywhere on the web, and I had to add it to Foursquare.  It’s on 6th Avenue A, at the red dot on this walking map.  We parked right in front of it at the start of our walk.

At the other end of our walk we visited some new sculptures on the lakefront that we hadn’t seen before.  We found 4 new ones – Allegra, Emergence #11, sea saw, and Water.  Click on the links to check them out.  They’re in my Kenosha Art section.

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