10 apps for 10 cents each for 10 days!

Google just hit 10 billion downloads in the Android Market, so to celebrate they have worked with their top developers to offer a huge 10-day sale!  Some of the best (and most expensive) paid apps in the market will be for sale for 10 cents.  There will be 10 apps a day, changed daily, for 10 days, all for 10 cents each!  You can’t lose–hurry up and go shopping!  You can get them all every day and only spent $1.00!  Hurry!  Today was already day 1, so go grab some deals in the Android Market!  Even if you don’t already have your dream Android device, go buy them and they’ll stay on your account until you DO get your new Android.  This is even better than Amazon’s free paid app every day (except it ends in 10 days).

For me, I blew it–Just in today’s ten I had already purchased most of these apps for full price a while ago 🙁  I paid $6.99 for Asphalt 6 HD, and Great Little War Game is also pretty cool.  I did grab Minecraft – Pocket Edition for 10 cents though–this one is normally $6.99 too, so I’m happy.  Kevin has been drooling for it for awhile but I kept telling him he’d have to buy it himself if he gets a tablet for Christmas…  Today he offered me a dime to get it.  I told him to keep the change.

Author: Jim

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  1. Wow, those “Reckless” games are addicting! Today’s Reckless Getaway game for 10 cents is pretty cool… Another one I’m hooked on now… I’ll have to play it when I’m not busy trying to beat my best score of one of the Zen Pinball machines…

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