Christmas is approaching fast, ready or not

By | Saturday, December 17, 2011 at 10:29 pm

Here it comes.  I’m way beyond sick of Christmas music this season, thanks to WMYX starting it up 24/7 the day after Halloween…sheesh.  I’ve already watched some of my must-see annual holiday classics:  Miracle on 34th Street (the original 1947 B&W version), Elf, and National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation, and I loved seeing them all again.  I thought I was going to have to pass on Christmas Vacation though–I hadn’t seen it in awhile, and couldn’t find it in the store, but Sandy ran across it last week in a bargain bin for $5.00!  That was an awesome find.

I think we’re ready as we’re going to be this year.  I should say “SHE’s” ready though, not “WE’RE” ready… Sandy’s doing all the work.  She made a nice Cheese, Broccoli, and Rice casserole for the Telecomm Holiday Lunch at my work last week, and it was awesome!  It went over so well, she’s going to make the same thing for our IT Holiday Lunch this week!  Now she’s making cookies for people, buying and wrapping presents, playing the dreadful music, etc. etc….

Socks and I went for a walk today.  In the snow.  It was pretty cold, so we didn’t quite make a mile, but it was nice and he always enjoys a walk.  Plus, I got to listen to some more of the audiobook I’m on–Stephen King’s 11-22-63 while we walked.  I’m in the home stretch now, with just a few hours left, and man, is it good!  Speaking of Stephen King, did anyone else watch the Bag of Bones miniseries last week?  Yikes, was that a mess!  They scrambled and cut up the story really bad and left so much out, I don’t see how anyone who didn’t read the book could really understand much of it.  I assure you, the book was much much better, and well worth reading (or, as I prefer–listening to).  It will definitely straighten out a ton of missing elements in the miniseries and clarify the entire story much more all around.  Mattie didn’t shoot her husband when she caught him trying to drown their daughter!! She didn’t kill him at all–he was electrocuted while working on their outdoor TV antenna on their trailer when he got struck by lightning!  In fact, in the miniseries Mattie lived in a regular house and didn’t even have a trailer. Sheesh.

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