The Oscars

I have a three-day weekend this week, so I’m headed over the the movie store this morning to grab as many Oscar nominees as I can to cram for Sunday’s Oscars.  I always enjoy Oscar evening, it’s probably as exciting to me as the Superbowl is to most everyone else.  When I worked for a couple former employers, I used to organize an Oscar pool.  Whoever picked the most Oscar winners would win the pot.  This year I made up a little spreadsheet of the Best Picture nominees to take with me to the movie store, so I thought I’d share it here.  It shows the number of Oscar nominations and the current IMDB rating each movie currently has.  It’s sorted by IMDB rating.  I know only a few of them are out on DVD already, so those will be the ones I’ll probably rent.

Title IMDB Rating Oscar Nominations
The Artist 8.4 10
Hugo 8.1 11
The Help 8.0 4
Midnight in Paris 7.8 4
The Descendants 7.7 5
Moneyball 7.7 6
War Horse 7.2 6
Tree of Life 7.1 3
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close 6.5 2

Snow Sculpting and Birthday Party

We had a great day today with two events.  This morning Kevin, Tyler and I went to the Snow Sculpting Championship in Lake Geneva, and this afternoon we had a birthday party for Kevin, who turns the big one-four tomorrow.  The snow sculptures were very nice this year, and we took a lot of photos.  Instead of sorting through them and posting the best ones, I just named and uploaded (still uploading as of 6:24pm) them all.  That way you can get all the angles and details we saw ourselves.  116 photos in all.  I just found out the winners too, and that news was a little disappointing, in my opinion.  Usually we can pick which one is going to win each year, but I guess this year several of them were excellent and it was probably a close race.

I took pictures at Kevin’s birthday party as well, so I’ll be uploading those next.  Matt made an awesome giant ice-cream-filled Oreo cookie cake for his birthday!  Sandy also made a Cherry Chip cake for the party to give everyone some options.  We had Pizza, then the cakes, watched a Jeff Dunham video, then Kevin opened his gifts.

Oh, and US National Snow Sculpting now has a Facebook page, which is where I found out who the winners are.  I have re-named and re-ordered the photos, so the first three sculptures are the 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners, and the People’s Choice winner is further down the set, in alphabetical order.

Here’s the Snow Sculpting photos, here’s the Birthday photos, and here’s the Snow Sculpting Facebook page.