The Oscars

I have a three-day weekend this week, so I’m headed over the the movie store this morning to grab as many Oscar nominees as I can to cram for Sunday’s Oscars.  I always enjoy Oscar evening, it’s probably as exciting to me as the Superbowl is to most everyone else.  When I worked for a couple former employers, I used to organize an Oscar pool.  Whoever picked the most Oscar winners would win the pot.  This year I made up a little spreadsheet of the Best Picture nominees to take with me to the movie store, so I thought I’d share it here.  It shows the number of Oscar nominations and the current IMDB rating each movie currently has.  It’s sorted by IMDB rating.  I know only a few of them are out on DVD already, so those will be the ones I’ll probably rent.

Title IMDB Rating Oscar Nominations
The Artist 8.4 10
Hugo 8.1 11
The Help 8.0 4
Midnight in Paris 7.8 4
The Descendants 7.7 5
Moneyball 7.7 6
War Horse 7.2 6
Tree of Life 7.1 3
Extremely Loud & Incredibly Close 6.5 2

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  1. I sure wish Hugo was on DVD! 11 nominations–wow! As it turned out, I picked up Moneyball, The Ides of March, The Help, and Puss In Boots. Gotta go watch some movies now…

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