Should I do standup?

By | Saturday, March 10, 2012 at 8:16 am

What’s with all the naming screw-ups the big tech companies have been having lately?  First there was Netflix spinning off their DVD service and calling it “Quikster?” Sounded like a pirated Nestle product!  Anyway, I think they eventually took that one back after realizing just how much it costed them.  Then recently Google decides to rename everything “Google Play”.  Now, instead of “Google Music, Google Books, Google Market, and Google Movies”, it’s “Play Music”,  “Play Books”, “Play Store”, and “Play Movies”.  Sounds like a really sound business move… for business??? “Play?”  Sounds like they’re trying to move away from business with this naming, and just go with only the consumer market…for the younger “players”.

And lastly, one that really stumps me, the “iPad”.  As I understand it, it’s not the iPad 3.  It’s the iPad.  First there was the iPad, then the iPad 2.  Now, in it’s third generation, it’s called the “iPad” again.  I guess Apple must have had a few million pre-branded shipping boxes they still needed to move, so this is their solution…?  Just make sure when you’re buying an iPad, you really get the one you want.  It’s the one with the state-of-yesterday’s -art 5MP camera on it.  Sheesh, my Android PHONE, which is two major OS versions from the latest Android version, even has an 8MP camera…  But, as they always say Apple’s slogan should be “Apple: Yesterday’s technology at tomorrow’s prices!”  Seriously though, take another drink of the kool-aid, you’ll love it.  <insert rim-shot here>

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