Uptown Car Show

Uptown Car Show 2012Kevin and I (and Socks) went to the Uptown Car Show yesterday.  It was ok, but kinda small compared to the others we’ve been to.  There didn’t seem to be many cars there this time.  The reserved block between 60th Street and Open Pantry was completely empty, though it was still blocked off from traffic, reserved for the car show.

The music was great (didn’t get the name of the band, sorry), and they had a KPD Canine training demonstration that was interesting.  We walked home after that (Sandy wasn’t available for a rescue pickup) and I was pretty exhausted.

This time, Kevin took all of the photos of the event.  Take a look, I think he did a great job.


Another walk to Heim'sWe had a nice walk to Heim’s Toy store yesterday.  Kevin loves drooling over all of the toys, and since Socks and I always enjoy a good walk, we chose it as our destination again.

Speaking of Heim’s, a few weeks ago I ordered Kevin a “Newton’s Cradle” from Amazon.  He had been asking for one for a long time, and Heim’s said they had them but they were out of stock.  They took our number and said they’d call us when they came in.  After several weeks with no calls from them, I gave up and ordered one for him as a surprise.  It came this week, and he likes it.  Well, when we were at Heim’s yesterday, we window-shopped, and noticed that they have a whole shelf full of Newton’s Cradles–even two different models!  So where’s our phone call?!  Not that we’re interested any more, since we already bought one elsewhere, but that’s not the point.  Oh well.  I guess they don’t need sales as much as we thought they did.

Another thing we just have to do when we go to Heim’s is stop and see the cats.  There’s a cat adoption agency right around the corner from Heim’s and they have a large bay window.  The cats lounge all throughout the place, including on all their cat furniture located in the window.  So we just go by and say hi, and see what antics they’re up to.  Yesterday, however, another couple was there…using a laser pointer!  Cats and laser pointers work well together, apparently.  This was really funny to watch.  Sandy, who stopped to pick us up when we were done, decided to join in on the fun, and pulled out the laser pointer she has on her keychain.  Try TWO laser pointers on a dozen cats in a single room!  Then hold up a chihuahua for them to see…  Ah, good times.

AnfFest 2012Oh yeah, ice cream and ants.  We stopped at Scoops next to Heim’s and had two scoops each.  It kinda reverses the reason for the walk, but it was fun.  I had a scoop of bubble gum and a scoop of chocolate chip cookie dough.  Kevin had two scoops of Chocolate Chip Cookie Dough.  Sandy had a scoop of peach and a scoop of strawberry, I think.  And between Heim’s and the cat house, we ran across this.  Yeek!  I’m not sure what was under there, but the ants sure love it, whatever it is!

On another note, Kevin also now calls squirrels by looking around whispering “tic-tac! tic-tac!”  He seems to think squirrels like these things now.  Thanks, Pat!