Doggie down!

Lakefront WalkTy, Kevin, Socks and I walked around the lakefront this morning.  It was close to 3 miles, but I missed the first chunk of it on my map, because I didn’t realize my GPS was turned off at first.  We got close to where the 2-mile marker is on my map, when socks walked up to a tree and collapsed!  He just flopped over onto his side, panting heavily.  Ty tried to pick him up to carry him the rest of the way, but he got angry and started snapping.  So we waited for a few minutes and then he got up and was ok for the rest of the walk.  Poor dog just walked himself out.  He’s getting old though, we’ll have to ease up on him a bit, especially in the heat we’ve had lately.  He’d never survive in Arizona!

Flickr Backup

This morning I decided I wanted a create a few photo collages for my website’s header using all of the photos from a specific photo set I have in Flickr–“Swimming at Rosemary’s”.  Since all of these photos were taken on all different dates and years, I didn’t have a single “local” copy of them all in one place, like they are on Flickr–all of my local photos are organized by date taken, and also include all of my “garbage” photos (bad takes, out of focus, etc.)–which are kept for use in photo mosaics when I need them (they make great fillers).  So I set out to find a way to download an entire set of photos from Flickr.  Flickr itself has a lot of options, but this isn’t one of them.

Most utilities of this sort that I found are apps–they’re for Android, iOS, and Windows Phone.  After some searching, I found what I was looking for: FlickrEdit for the PC.  I downloaded it, and it’s not even an installer, just an exe that runs immediately.  It’s very straightfoward and easy to use.  It even connected directly to my Flickr account, only asking for Authorization from Flickr to access my account, which I was already logged into.  Once I accepted, it started loading my thumbnails.  It displays 50 photos per page, so you don’t have to wait for entire sets to load, if you have more than 50 photos in a set.  You can simply select the photos you want to download, or select an entire set, then download it to a specific folder.  It’s pretty quick too–it downloaded my entire “Swimming at Rosemary’s” set (302 photos) all at their original sizes, in about 20 minutes.

FlickrEdit is a really nice app, and it’s a relief to know I now have it available for those times when I need a complete set of photos from my Flickr account, and just knowing there’s a simple method available if I need some disaster recovery of all of my photos some day.  I added a couple new photo collages to my website header, so you’ll probably see them up there once in awhile.  For a few days though, while it’s still super-hot and dry around here, I’m going to leave it on one of them as a static header, just to chill.

More swimming

I wasn’t sure we’d get any swimming in at all today.  The storm heading toward us was huge, and the sky looked pretty threatening, but it must have all went around us, or dissipated, because we ended up not seeing a drop of rain, and all the lawns remain brown.  Kinda looks like Arizona around here now, except for a few neighbors that water their lawns daily.  We even have a burning ban in effect now, and can’t even use grills in the parks “until further notice”.  Even our own firepit is loaded with brush and kindling, but we can’t have a fire because it’s just too dangerous with everything so dry.

Tyler was also much later than we expected, so it was pretty late, but we managed to get a couple hours of swimming in at Woody’s after all.  This time it was Kevin, Tyler and I, and the squishy ball fights were in full force!  I think we all took several pretty solid smacks to the face before all was said and done.  Rosemary took a few photos, and they turned out pretty funny.  It took 3 takes to get a good group shot with everyone smiling, but she got it done!  Take a look.

Take 1
Take 1
Take 2
Take 2
Take 3
Take 3

Don’t eat before bed

I usually have a snack while I watch a little TV in the evening, and a lot of the time I’ll wake up the next morning dragging like I got very little sleep, even though I got my usual 6-7 hours.  Sometimes, however–like this morning–I’ll get up, fully awake, and feel great.  I’ve been trying to figure out what is causing this difference.  I’d like to feel this way every day when I get up, if possible!  Everyone’s always giving the advice of “don’t eat before bed”, but they all specify different times– 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs before bed… so I question the thoeries.

Last night I stopped eating about 2 hours before bed (not on purpose, I was busy with something).  Eating is something I enjoy WAY too much, I know.  That’s probably one of the biggest parts of my weight problem.  But knowing I can wake up feeling this good–good enough to even write a blog entry before going to work–could help a lot!  There’s definitely something to it.  I found a pretty good article that explains it all.  So this is a reminder for me–and anyone else asking themselves the same question.   Looks like it’s good advice after all!  I added this one to my link list (on the bottom of the sidebar).

My next problem is related to this one too: I’m getting old… Sometimes, after a busy day, I’ll pass out watching TV… how do I make sure I don’t eat long enough before THIS happens??? Hmmm.  Or maybe this doesn’t count… I do, eventually, get up and go to bed for reals.

Sweat n swim

Swimming at Woody'sSocks near the poolOver the weekend, Kevin, Socks and I walked from home to Woody’s.  It was a good hike, and it was very refreshing to dive into her awesome pool after such a long walk!  It was Socks’ first time there, so he was pretty nervous at first, but he calmed down eventually and relaxed, watching us swim from under the picnic table most of the time.

New theme might be a keeper!

Wow, I found this theme this morning–“Adventure Journal”, and I really like it!  It displays my collages prominently, and has really cool effects using wood textures, shadows and paper strip effects that I like.  Please excuse the detailed description, I’m just elaborating more because I’m thinking further into the future–when I might change themes again, and people might be confused (including myself) seeing a completely different theme & layout than what I am talking about right now.  I might also want to revisit this theme later, and I tend to forget things easily, what with my “CRS” and all, so this will remind me.

I added 10 different photo collages to the header so far, all but one of them are from our Arizona vacation we took this year.  A random collage is displayed every time you load the webpage.

Odd Shift

I think this is the oddest shift I’ve ever worked that this job.  I have to work 3:00am to 7:00am this morning, then I’m working from 7:00pm to 11:00pm this evening.  It’s a VERY split shift!  It was difficult to go to sleep at 7:00pm, but it actually worked out ok and I slept good. I guess everyone in the house kept pretty quiet.  I think it helped to get up at 5:00am Saturday, just to get a jump on the day.  Well, here goes… got my Emeril’s Big Easy Bold in-hand and I’m ready to head to work.  (It doesn’t compare with a Vente White Mocha Quad-shot, but it’s close!)

Big “I”

Big "I"I drew a big “I” today, walking at lunch. It’s a little crooked in spots, due to me having to walk around obstacles and trying not to fall down when walking through the lumpy grass in Victory Park. Wearing Shape-Ups (curved, instead of standard flat shoes) makes walking on bumpy terrain pretty dangerous. Anyway, with those factors and the usual inaccuracies of GPS, I’m left with a “drunken I”. But just imagine what I could write out in the desert with a lot of space and very few obstacles to get in my way! Some day I’ll find out. It’ll be kinda like one of those hidden things found in Google Earth.

He’s at it again

Just like old times, I’m playing with the layout of my site again. Bear with me. I sure could use some outside input though, if you don’t mind commenting. A lot of things have changed since I last played with the options, so it’s kinda fun to get back into it and tinker. All the content stays put, but the entire look and feel can change dramatically.