Nice weekend…On call

By | Sunday, June 10, 2012 at 6:23 pm

The Kemper-Wolfenbuttel-Heim's-Scoops circuit!Sandy made me an awesome breakfast this morning and even picked up a Starbucks to go along with it (Vente White Mocha Quad-Shot)!  That was only the beginning of a nice day though.  Not exactly perfect, because I’m on call this week, and I did have a few calls from work today, but nothing bad enough that I couldn’t take care of remotely.  So I managed to sneak in a nice lakefront walk this afternoon with Kevin and Socks, in-between IT emergencies.  It was risky, but we managed to clear it without a single phone call or page!  We parked in front of Kemper Center (only because the line of parked cars went from Wolfenbuttel Park–where we usually park–all the way down to Kemper) and walked to Wolfenbuttel, Eichelman (missed that one on my Facebook post, in case anyone noticed), then West to Heim’s Downtown Toy Store, then Scoops Ice Cream.  (see map for details). Kevin had a vanilla one-scoop m&m cone with a bubble gumball in the bottom (free with his Gold Card from being on the honor roll at school) and I had a water.  Then we took 6th Avenue-A, walked past Library Park, and back to Kemper.

It was a very nice walk on an almost-perfect day.  The beach and parks were very busy.  We would have went swimming at Rec-Plex or at Woody’s if I hadn’t been on call this weekend.  That would have been pushing it though, and I know I would have definitely gotten paged if we had.  That’s the way it works, and that’s just my luck.  I’m hoping next weekend is just as nice, so we can include a little swimming in the mix.  We’ll see.

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