Big “I”

Big "I"I drew a big “I” today, walking at lunch. It’s a little crooked in spots, due to me having to walk around obstacles and trying not to fall down when walking through the lumpy grass in Victory Park. Wearing Shape-Ups (curved, instead of standard flat shoes) makes walking on bumpy terrain pretty dangerous. Anyway, with those factors and the usual inaccuracies of GPS, I’m left with a “drunken I”. But just imagine what I could write out in the desert with a lot of space and very few obstacles to get in my way! Some day I’ll find out. It’ll be kinda like one of those hidden things found in Google Earth.

2 comments on “Big “I”

  1. Looks like an I to me – be careful with those Sketchers. They sure feel good to walk in but I’ve been reading of a lot of problems that people have with them also. I’m still using mine as they feel so good but I’m careful also.

    I like the new design also. It took me so long to reply because I had to take the time to find out how to enter a comment. The I found Entries RSS and Voila – there it was.

    I got the hard drive out of my VAIO and I’m going to bring it to the recycly place. Do you have anything you want me to take there? TV’s dvd’s, computers, etc??? Call me.

  2. I go back to regular flat shoes occasionally, like to cut the grass and stuff, but they feel funny now. I like the Shape-Ups’ curve better, and it definitely keeps me moving, since I can’t stand still with them on. I can understand why people might have issues though. I’ve stumbled twisted my foot a couple times in really rough spots and thought I might have really damaged something. Luckily, I was able to walk it off though.

    I have a ton of stuff to donate, but it’s all still buried in the basement, unfortunately. Thanks for the offer though.

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