New theme might be a keeper!

Wow, I found this theme this morning–“Adventure Journal”, and I really like it!  It displays my collages prominently, and has really cool effects using wood textures, shadows and paper strip effects that I like.  Please excuse the detailed description, I’m just elaborating more because I’m thinking further into the future–when I might change themes again, and people might be confused (including myself) seeing a completely different theme & layout than what I am talking about right now.  I might also want to revisit this theme later, and I tend to forget things easily, what with my “CRS” and all, so this will remind me.

I added 10 different photo collages to the header so far, all but one of them are from our Arizona vacation we took this year.  A random collage is displayed every time you load the webpage.

Author: Jim

3 thoughts on “New theme might be a keeper!

  1. Well, sorta… Like I mentioned, there are 10 collages it chooses from, so if you visit a few times (yeah, like that’ll ever happen!) you” notice that they start to repeat. I love the new look though… I just wish the site would load a little quicker. It seems to really bog down sometimes. I can’t tell if it’s something in my WordPress install or a problem with my hosting service yet though.

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