Don’t eat before bed

I usually have a snack while I watch a little TV in the evening, and a lot of the time I’ll wake up the next morning dragging like I got very little sleep, even though I got my usual 6-7 hours.  Sometimes, however–like this morning–I’ll get up, fully awake, and feel great.  I’ve been trying to figure out what is causing this difference.  I’d like to feel this way every day when I get up, if possible!  Everyone’s always giving the advice of “don’t eat before bed”, but they all specify different times– 1 hr, 2 hrs, 3 hrs before bed… so I question the thoeries.

Last night I stopped eating about 2 hours before bed (not on purpose, I was busy with something).  Eating is something I enjoy WAY too much, I know.  That’s probably one of the biggest parts of my weight problem.  But knowing I can wake up feeling this good–good enough to even write a blog entry before going to work–could help a lot!  There’s definitely something to it.  I found a pretty good article that explains it all.  So this is a reminder for me–and anyone else asking themselves the same question.   Looks like it’s good advice after all!  I added this one to my link list (on the bottom of the sidebar).

My next problem is related to this one too: I’m getting old… Sometimes, after a busy day, I’ll pass out watching TV… how do I make sure I don’t eat long enough before THIS happens??? Hmmm.  Or maybe this doesn’t count… I do, eventually, get up and go to bed for reals.

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  1. I have gerd problems and I try not to eat anything after my dinner which is usually 5 or so p.m. I hope that helps you with your questions. I also sleep with an elevated bed.

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