Woman’s body found in Nedweski Park

Kevin and I have walked through this park many times.  So sad.  http://fox6now.com/2012/07/09/kenosha-officials-discover-female-body-in-nedweski-park/  Officials have not yet released the name or age of the victim.  There is no word at this time as to whether foul play may be a factor in the woman’s death.  Monday afternoon, Jim Sweet was walking his dog, Jack, in the park when their walk was cut short by police tape.  “Very shocking. I don’t see a lot of trouble around this area,” Sweet said.  Sweet says he has seen grass fires in the park as a result of the recent dry spell and says he hopes the fire and body found were just unfortunate accidents. If not, Sweet says: “I hope they find the person who did that — it’s messed up.” At least four families approached officers at the scene regarding missing family members they fear may be the person who’s body was found at the park.  Anyone with any information into this incident is asked to contact Crime Stoppers at (262) 656-7333.

Crews responded to a brush fire in Kenosha and discover a woman’s body. Clem Smith has lived across the street from Kenosha’s Nedweski Park for four years. “When I heard it this morning I couldn’t believe it,” said Smith. “It’s just unreal, I mean I let my grandkids go over there and play and everything but now I’m going to have to watch them.” A young woman’s body was found around 10:30 Monday morning in the middle of burned brush near a playground. As word of what happened hit the neighborhood, people like Wendy Wakefield showed up — trying to get more information. “We know all of the little kids in the neighborhood and we’re just worried about what’s going on,” said Wakefield. Wakefield says she’s been worried about the park for a while. “Honestly I tell my kids all the time never to walk through there,” said Wakefield. “There are so many entrances and exits, it’s ridiculous.” Several families of missing girls arrived at the scene, desperate for any word on whether the body found could be their loved one. “My cousin has been missing since the 4th of July, we haven’t heard from her,” said Taqueisha Terrell. A neighbor who didn’t want his name released out of concern for his safety, said that he filed a police report after he saw a man in the area right before the fire started. But as questions linger, so does a community’s concern. “I was just surprised really, because nothing like this has happened before,” said Clem Smith. Members of the gang unit were also on scene, but there’s no word on whether police think the incident was gang-related.  http://www.620wtmj.com/news/local/161873045.html

Update: 7/13/2012:  Police in Kenosha believe a body found in a local park is that of a 20-year-old woman.  The case is still under investigation, but authorities say based on evidence collected so far, the deceased appears to be Lashe Zalar of Kenosha.  Officers have met with her family, but DNA testing is needed to make a final confirmation on identity. WISN-TV reports Zalar has been missing since she went for a walk early Monday. Firefighters discovered the woman’s body later Monday in Nedweski Park while extinguishing a brush fire.

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  1. On the radio this morning it said they thought the girl to be 20 years old, right around there, very young, but still no name.

  2. Thanks! I just added an update to the bottom of the article. So sad. She just went for a walk and was found dead the same day. Kevin and I have walked around that park many times. There’s a nice trail that goes down a big hill (where a lot of kids go sledding in the winter) and connects right up to Washington Bowl and the Velodrome. We like it.

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