Amazing Alex! – a mini review

Amazing Alex, Rovio’s new game, just came out this morning!  For those who don’t know Rovio, they’re the company who created the wildly successful Angry Birds game and all of its incarnations.  Amazing Alex is their first non-Angry Birds game.  I played several levels of it this morning to check it out.  Do you remember the board game Mousetrap?  Or the old “Incredible Machine” game for the PC?  It’s just like that!  It’s a physics game where you have to setup a chain reaction to accomplish a goal–like getting a basketball to drop into a basket.  I thought they went a bit too far in giving you the answers to many of the early levels just to teach you how to play though.  The entire first section is VERY easy, and it seemed like only the last few levels of it I actually had to think a little on my own to complete.  That’s as far as I went so far though.  I’m guessing (hoping) there are tons more levels to come, each one more complex than the last.  There was also a hint that there’s a level creator in it too, though I haven’t even looked for it yet.  Hopefully they’ve thought of everything and created a whole community sharing element so everyone can share their creations with their friends.  It sounds like it’s the start of another awesome game!  The ad-free version is 99 cents, and worth every penny!

Author: Jim

1 thought on “Amazing Alex! – a mini review

  1. After delving into this game a little deeper, I can definitely say it’s awesome! There’s only one thing I can complain about, and that’s the level downloads section, where anyone and everyone can upload and download each other’s custom levels. There’s no ability to search this section, so once you find a good level and download it, you can’t suggest it to others, because they’ll never be able to find it! Every other level in here, it seems, is named “My Level”, which is what it’s named by default, and if the user doesn’t change it, that’s the name it’s uploaded with. And levels are added so fast, it’s increasing at a few thousand per day already, and each time you refresh, each page of 9 levels changes again. So you can’t even find a previous level even if you know what page it’s on–because it’s not on that page any more! I can see this reaching well over 1 million levels easily, in a very short time, just like Little Big Planet did on the PS3. It’s already at just over 11,000 user-created levels as of tonight, so they’ve got to do something to add a search function to this section as well as options to share levels with other users.

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