Soggy Spirals

By | Saturday, July 14, 2012 at 10:50 pm

We spent a great day at Woody’s swimming today, then had a great meal of bombers from the Mt. Carmel festival.  I took a ton of photos using the burst mode on my phone, just trying it out to see if I could capture some interesting shots of Ty diving into the pool, and catching one of the splash bombs as Ty spins it in the air.  It makes a really neat water spiral, so I wanted to see if I could capture it.  Wow, did I ever!  I think these turned out pretty neat!  Rosemary, print out a couple of your favorites on your new photo printer–Let’s see how they look!  Check them out, they’re the first 21 photos in this set.

One thought on “Soggy Spirals

  1. mahirose

    Tried to make a photo but can’t figure it out. Need some hints I guess. I’m going to register the printer now and go out and clean the pool. time to get in the hot sun and hot water.

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