George is in the hospital

George WegmannToday George (Sandy’s dad) had to be taken to the hospital.  Rick called and said his legs got weak and he eased him down to the floor.  Sandy went to his house and they got him into his wheelchair, then she called Hartland Home Care Services and they advised her to get him checked out as his blood pressure was only 68/52 and his heart rate was 136.  He was admitted for at least over night and maybe longer, but his regular doctor is on vacation, so they have an alternate doctor to cover until Monday and they are running a bunch of tests to see if his cancer has spread.  George has a lot of other medical issues going on also, so when he comes home he will be in hospice services.  We just want him to be comfortable for as long as he has left.  It has been over a year that his health has been deteriorating and it’s so hard to see him go downhill like this, but at least he will have his wish to die at home. Whenever that time will be, that’s in Gods hands.  Now, God will lead us through this, and as we know more we will post it here.  His hospital bed gets delivered tomorrow for when he does come home. Keep him in your prayers.

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  1. Uncle George — sending lots and lots of prayers your way.

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